Lymore Avenue, Twerton Bath, BA2 1AY

Culverhayes occupies a prime position at the highest point of Lymore Avenue, with spacious grounds and stunning views of Bath. The home has three separate wings dedicated to care and support to meet the varying types and levels of need of the people living in the home. The home has been decorated to enable stimulation and orientation and the grounds contain safe and secure areas enabling residents to move freely. Our residents have the convenience of a local corner shop, which is frequently visited for everyday items. The adjacent playing grounds also contribute to the real community atmosphere surrounding Culverhayes.

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8th December - Christmas Fete
18th December - Music Live Performance
7th January - 3pm- Music Workshops
22nd January - 3pm - Lively Music Sessions
Lastly CULVERHAYES NURSING HOME, Sal’s final stop. I would like to tell you a little about this wonderful place. Run by Cedar Care Homes, Culverhayes is home to 60+ residents, 99% of which have a range of illnesses and are in various stages of their “End of Life” scenarios. They are looked after by a team of Nursing and Care staff supported by Management, Cleaners, Laundry, Catering, Activity Therapists, and Maintenance staff. Again, but what sets them aside is the superb care given, the respect and dignity given to each and every resident alike, the compassion and the time. The staff espouse several nations and English may not be their chosen tongue and whilst you may presume this is a sad place that is not so. Much laughter and fun emerge regularly. (…) It has been a privilege to have been part of your community.
Family Member